Love and beauty ....
reminds the soul of its very own nature.

We feel it in our hearts, it is expressed in our deepest longings, our smiles, our deeds and is part of our way of living.
Love and beauty inspires us to use our creative powers.
Her creativity is a result of aesthetical harmony and she has got her fingers of the puls of the times. She firmly believes that real art should be expressed in every day life.
For that reason she has created numerous commodities and utensils in order for people to give artistic forms to the enviroment.
Her creative message is expressed in her pictures, sculptures, home collections (evening and wedding dresses, bed linen, facial clothes, fannels, beach towels, scented cards, crockery, scarves, rose-chocolate and many more) aswell as furnitures and interiors designs.
"Its facinating to work with the beauty of the nature. In the center of a rose, for example, you won't see only a blossom but the whole universe".